Company Profile

Beijing China Sciences Runyu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (CSET) is an environmental protection industrial platform driven by technological innovation and serves the national ecological and environmental protection strategy of "green development". With its scientific and technological resources and years of experience in industrializing scientific and technological achievements, CSET is committed to providing the best available technology (BAT) and best environmental practices (BEP) for sustainable environmental development and becoming an outstanding enterprise that promotes environmental changes with technologies.


The Company took the lead in establishing an circular economy industrial park model that is centered on the WTE incineration project and completed by the treatment of kitchen waste, sludge, medical waste and other wastes. By using the "CHP" model to supply heat to surrounding industrial enterprises, we were among the first to demonstrate how to change the basic technology used by incineration power plants from the circulating fluidized bed to grate the furnace and achieve production expansion without stopping production.


CSET actively seeks business expansion and continues to optimize its business structure. As the basis of the WTE incineration business, we are actively engaged in the treatment and disposal of hazardous industrial waste and the recycling of agricultural and forestry waste, all the while taking into account the coordinated development of the sales and technical services of environmental protection equipment.


On July 8, 2022, CSET was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's ChiNext board with the stock code 301175.