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social responsibility

As a listed environmental protection enterprise with technological attributes and state-owned assets, we have always adhered to the mission of being the builder and guardian of "Beautiful China". In the process of development, we actively explore the connotation of corporate social responsibility and demonstrate the responsibility and responsibility of the enterprise.

Assist in the "dual carbon" strategy and protect the clear water and blue sky

Centering on the national strategic objectives of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", Zhongke Environmental Protection adheres to the working policy of "pollution reduction and carbon reduction and synergy", promotes the reduction, recycling and harmless treatment of solid waste, unswervingly adheres to the guidance of scientific and technological innovation, constantly breaks through key core technologies, realizes the synergy of pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and provides industrial support for science and technology to support the construction of "waste free cities" and the "dual carbon" strategic action plan.

Calculation of carbon reduction emissions for the company in 2022
  • about 26 ten thousand tons

    Standard coal saving

  • about 65 ten thousand tons of carbon dioxide equivalent

    Greenhouse gas reduction

  • about 3,600 ten thousand

    Equivalent to afforestation

Huize Community Transforms Neighborhood Avoidance into Neighborhood Benefit

Zhongke Environmental Protection relies on its projects and combines the characteristics and needs of local governments and people to carry out environmental science popularization and social practice work in a tailored manner. Each holding company has held multiple public opening activities and themed public welfare activities to increase the interest of local community residents in ecological and environmental protection concepts, and enhance their understanding and recognition of environmental protection technologies and facilities.

Support public welfare construction and beautify rural areas

In response to the call of the country to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and effectively connect with rural revitalization, Zhongke Environmental Protection has repeatedly collaborated with local governments to carry out relevant activities, strengthen rural infrastructure construction, maintain and dredge roads, and ensure the travel and safety of villagers; Expand sales channels for agricultural and sideline products to assist in rural revitalization; Provide multiple employment opportunities to alleviate local employment problems.

At the same time, the company actively carries out activities such as village enterprise civilization co construction, love for poverty alleviation, and poverty alleviation activities. Every year, during holidays, the company comforts the elderly who are alone and widowed, inherits the traditional virtues of respecting, loving, and helping the elderly to alleviate poverty, and benefits over a thousand people in need, including the elderly who are alone and widowed, and teenagers. The company always remembers its social responsibility, continuously consolidates poverty alleviation achievements, assists in rural revitalization, cares for and supports public welfare undertakings, and contributes to the construction of a beautiful and harmonious society.