Sales and technical services of environmental protection equipment

In 2015, Zhongke Environmental Protection and Denmark's Weilun Company officially signed the "Domestic Waste Incineration Technology Introduction Agreement", obtaining VølundSystems™ Authorization of grate furnace incineration technology and innovative optimization design based on the characteristics of domestic waste in China, achieving international advanced technology localization and innovation, successfully used in domestic domestic waste incineration power generation projects.


Through the holding company Zhongke Energy Environmental, we provide technical services such as operation management consulting and on-site supervision related to waste treatment and disposal projects, as well as design, production, and sales of environmental protection equipment required for waste treatment and disposal projects, including furnace discharge.

Vølund Technical advantages of Lund grate furnace
  • Maturity

    Over 80 years of experience, we have achieved over 500 sets of incinerator grate applications.

  • reliability

    Hydraulic driven mechanical reciprocating forward push grate furnace, row driven grate, with low wear and tear:

    The hydraulic cylinder driven by the grate is located outside the grate, with low ambient temperature and high reliability.

  • Progressiveness

    The design of a forward pushing grate combined with steps effectively enhances the mixing of garbage in the furnace, ensuring combustion efficiency; Low mechanical load and strong overload capacity of the grate

    The primary air is supplied separately by zones, while the secondary air is supplied in layers. The air volume of each branch pipeline can be accurately measured and independently controlled, achieving full combustion;

    According to "3T+E" Principle design, CFD simulation design, effectively reducing NOx, CO, and dioxin emissions;

    The grate is designed and supplied in a modular way. The ejector and each section of grate are delivered as a whole. The on-site installation workload is small, and the installation cycle is short. The ACC (Automatic Combustion Control) system can be put into 100% automatic operation. By adjusting the feeding amount, grate operating speed, air volume of each branch pipe and other parameters, the stable automatic control of evaporation and furnace temperature can be realized, and the system operation stability is high.

  • adaptability

    Adopting high-temperature primary air combustion can adapt to China's low calorific value, high moisture content, and complex components of sorted household waste.

  • Maintenance convenience

    The grate plate does not require bolt connections, making it easy to install, repair, and replace. The operation of replacing the grate plate can be completed on top of the grate plate.

Advantages of Zhongke Environmental Protection ACC Application
  • Reduce labor costs

    Effectively reducing the workload of operators can reduce labor costs by reducing the number of operators;

  • Improve system reliability

    Ensure continuous and stable operation of the system under high loads, with minimal fluctuations in operating parameters, and improve system reliability;

  • Reduce maintenance costs

    Stable combustion, reduced corrosion, extended service life of pressure parts, effectively reducing maintenance costs;

  • Reduce operating costs

    Can reduce the use of environmentally friendly materials and reduce operating costs;

  • Building a smart power plant

    Improve the level of automation control, promote the intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and assist in building smart power plants.

Zhongke Energy Environment

Chengdu Zhongke Energy&Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongke Energy&Environmental Protection") is a provider of environmental protection equipment, material sales and technical services focusing on the purification and utilization of biological natural gas and the research and development of environmental protection materials. Relying on the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it has closely cooperated with famous universities and large consulting and design institutions at home and abroad, carried out multi-level academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation, participated in and completed a number of national 863 plans Preparation of technical specifications for technology support plan projects and engineering construction.


Zhongke Energy Environment has multiple proprietary technologies and actively develops and sells environmentally friendly new materials. It has completed nearly a hundred consulting, design, and engineering construction tasks and demonstrations, including purification and purification of landfill gas, anaerobic biogas from kitchen waste and livestock manure, comprehensive treatment of kitchen waste, sludge treatment, leachate treatment, and high concentration organic waste treatment.

PNCR Waste Incineration Flue Gas Denitration Technology

The PNCR waste incineration flue gas denitrification technology is a dry catalytic denitrification method. The PNCR denitrification agent does not contain toxic, harmful, and expensive metal elements such as vanadium, tungsten, and molybdenum, nor does it contain organic matter, avoiding the risk of increased dioxin emissions. There is no secondary pollution during use. This technology can also collaborate with SNCR to achieve low-cost NOx removal, thereby replacing traditional SCR denitrification technology.

  • advantage

    Containing catalyst

    The PNCR denitrification agent developed by Zhongke Environmental Protection mainly consists of amino compounds and catalysts.

    No production of dioxins

    The Zhongke Environmental Protection PNCR denitration agent does not contain catalysts and precursors that can lead to the generation of dioxins, and does not pose a risk of increased dioxin emissions.

    The material is non-toxic, harmless, and free from secondary pollution

    Zhongke Environmental Protection PNCR denitration agent does not contain toxic and harmful metal elements such as vanadium, tungsten, and silver, and there is no secondary pollution during use

    Equivalent to SNCR+SCR

    The denitrification principle of Zhongke Environmental Protection PNCR denitration agent: The PNCR denitrification process involves both selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and selective non catalytic reduction (SNCR) reactions. Amino compounds reduce NO. to nitrogen and water, achieving NOx emission standards, which is equivalent to the combination of SNCR and SCR reaction principles

    Large reaction zone and high efficiency

    NOx undergoes a reduction reaction in the second flue, third flue, and horizontal flue

Industrialization of Biological Natural Gas

The company has accumulated years of technical experience and production practice in domestic waste incineration power generation projects, and has also made progress in biological natural gas purification and utilization technology. The holding company, Zhongke Energy Environment, has a technological leading advantage in this field

The pollution of the alcohol industry is most severe in terms of water pollution. Alcohol wastewater is an organic wastewater with high concentration, high temperature, and high suspended solids, which can easily cause eutrophication of the water body and is difficult to treat. This project uses biogas generated by anaerobic fermentation of alcohol wastewater as raw material, mainly using chelation desulfurization, compression, and PSA decarbonization technologies to produce green energy bio natural gas

Sales and Technical Services of Environmental Protection Equipment